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Friends of Eclipse

Become a Friend of Eclipse and help the Eclipse Foundation provide services for the Eclipse community, such as*:

  • Providing more bandwidth for users and committers
  • Purchasing additional servers to host Eclipse projects
  • Sending students to EclipseCon
  • Sponsoring Eclipse community events

Feel free to donate any amount you like. Donations of $35 or more will receive special Friends of Eclipse benefits. We have made it easy to use a credit card through PayPal. Please note, the Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, not a charitable organization, so we are unable to provide charitable tax receipts.

Join Now

First Name*:
Last Name*:
Donation Amount*: US$
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Friend Of Eclipse Login (What's This For?)
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* Required

Become a Friend of Eclipse

Donate US$35 or more and you will be identified as a Friend of Eclipse. Benefits of Friends Include:

  • Friends of Eclipse Mirror Site - This will allow you to download new versions of Eclipse faster**.
  • "Friend of Eclipse" logo***

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