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  1. 2010.10.23 SQLite Query Syntax (1)

SQL As Understood By SQLite

SQLite understands most of the standard SQL language. But it does omit some features while at the same time adding a few features of its own. This document attempts to describe precisely what parts of the SQL language SQLite does and does not support. A list of SQL keywords is also provided. The SQL language syntax is described by syntax diagrams.

The following syntax documentation topics are available:

The routines sqlite3_prepare_v2(), sqlite3_prepare(), sqlite3_prepare16(), sqlite3_prepare16_v2(), sqlite3_exec(), and sqlite3_get_table() accept an SQL statement list (sql-stmt-list) which is a semicolon-separated list of statements.


syntax diagram sql-stmt-list

Each SQL statement in the statement list is an instance of the following:


syntax diagram sql-stmt

[출처 : http://www.sqlite.org/lang.html]

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